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March 1, 2012

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Harry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harry
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hedgehog
Home: Bay City, Michigan, USA
   This is Harry the hedgehog. He is awesome! He loves to run on his wheel and run around in his tubes. He also loves when people feed him meal worms, they are his favorite snack! He lives in a big cage in my bedroom. He enjoys to be let out of the cage and explore the house. When he is exploring I usually only let him roam around my room because my mom gets mad when he poops on the floor. When he is done exploring he will usually just climb back in his cage, but if I have to put him back in he tries to run away because hes not ready to go back in his cage yet.He likes to burrow himself in dark places and snuggle up in some fleece, or anything warm. During the day he is usually sleeping because he is nocturnal. However, if you take him out during the day he will wake up. He is a little skittish around new people because he is not used to them, but once he gets to know you he will love you, too!

Harry, the Pet of the Day

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