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June 26, 2012

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Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sunny
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Catalina Macaw
Home: Springtown, Texas, USA
   Sunny is a Catalina Macaw, and will be four this summer. She lives in Springtown, Texas when she is home, but we travel for several months out of the year to horse shows for our business so Sunny has been to eight states so far. Besides being at least the smartest and most beautiful macaw on the planet, Sunny is probably most special because of her story. Sunny is sort of a rescue. We had a wonderful little quaker we had hand raised but she was my husband's special bird and I wanted a bird of my own, specifically an african grey. Just before Christmas in 2010 I checked craigslist just as Sunny happened to be put up. She was looking for her fourth home in her short two and a half years and had been living in a backyard for a year. Her owners felt they were not able to give her the home nor the attention she needed. The backyard was on a school bus stop and Sunny developed a huge vocabulary talking to the kids. We have written down nearly 200 words and phrases and missed many more. She is uncanny in her use of language. She was a very unhappy macaw when we got her. I think she thought we kidnapped her. The first thing she ever said to me, when I was trying to console her on the ride home, was "SHUT UP!"

    We had some rough weeks with a lunging biting growling macaw before she accepted us. We had made a commitment to her and didn't want to see her go through the trauma of another rehoming to we stuck with it. We now have the companion of a lifetime. She has learned to love us but we think she would still leave home for a kid.

    She is our first macaw and had you asked me if I wanted one before Sunny came along, I would have said absolutely not. We travel in a horse trailer with living quarters in front and although it is a big fancy camper area, space is still limited and we were already traveling with Lulu the quaker, three cats and a Doberman. An African Grey, I thought, was just the right size. I laughingly call Sunny my grey, all 33 brightly colored inches of her. Her talking ability certainly rivals most greys. Sunny's favorite activities include opening presents, getting new toys, going to garage sales[toys] , first monday[toys], Home Depot[toy parts], Petsmart where she window shops for toys and told the clerks "I'ma bird" and pretty much anywhere else she is allowed. Did I mention toys?

    Sunny keeps us in stitches all day with her sage comments and silly questions. She is always up for a new adventure, particularly anywhere she can entertain people, the more, the better. In the one picture, Sunny going out birdwatching on Caddo Lake in Texas. I have pictures of Sunny canoeing, shopping, riding in the truck, watching TV [her favorite is Petkeeping with Mark Marrone] and dozens of other activities. She is a very busy girl.

    She now has her own Facebook page under "Sunny the Macaw" for all the friends she makes traveling but it is a new page so few of her friends know about it yet. Sunny is unusual in her love of adventure and meeting new people. There's nothing shy about her.

    Here is one story. My husband took her along running errands one day and pulled through a McDonald's drive thru where he ordered ice tea at the speaker. When he pulled up to the pay window Sunny waddled off her perch between the seats, leaped on the steering wheel and leaning out the window yelled "French Fries" at the startled cashier. It made the cashiers day and Sunny did get her french fries!

    Another time we were at a horse show when a very small girl came up with her parents. "Look, Sweetheart. Do you know what that is?" they asked. She looked intently for a moment and replied "Quack, quack." "No," they said, "That is a tweet, tweet like we talked about. Remember?" She stared again and said firmly "Quack, quack." They corrected her again and then Sunny decided to end the argument. She leaned down to the little girl and in a conspiratory tone said "Quack, quack." That little girl went away knowing that Mom and Dad weren't always right, because she heard it from the horse's or in this case parrot's mouth!

    She is a hoot. She is sitting beside me as I type and just told me "That Sunny, We love her." Modesty may not be her best feature!

Sunny, the Pet of the Day
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Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Sunny, the Pet of the Day
Sunny, the Pet of the Day

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