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June 24, 2012

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Luv Bug, the Pet of the Day
Name: Luv Bug
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Holland, Michigan, USA
   I got Luv Bug after my cat died - she was just this tiny little thing that wanted to hide and always made loads of noise. She always wheeked for things, whatever I had, and always wheeked when I left the room, She was loud, she wanted me to know, and I loved her for it. She loves climbing, and strangely if she can get her front paws and head over the top of it, she'll climb out, so keeping her contained can be a difficult challenge. She loves cucumbers and gets mad at me when she sees me eating them. So of course I have to share. She is best friends with her brother Chiku the chinchilla, and they love playing together in the hallway.

    But even still these are not what makes Luv Special. What makes her special is her ability to realize when I need her. Recently I've had a run of bad luck, My grandfather/best friend passed away, my uncle is sick, and even she might have permanent lung damage, but even with all that Luv is always ready to cuddle me, or lay and watch tv with me as long as I need her to- all the while giving me kisses and cuddling close as if to let me know everything's okay. If I move, she'll kiss me. If I start crying she'll move over and lick my tears off my face then keep licking me so I sort of smile because it tickles, and she keeps licking me till the smile stays on my face. She is the sweetest kindest Guinea pig that I know. and I love her very much and I think that that's what makes her special to the rest of you- her unconditional Love and knowledge on a way to make me smile when I need it. And even if you may not agree with me on my reasonings, I still think she's the greatest. I love her very much. If I didn't I wouldn't have named her Luv Bug!

Luv Bug, the Pet of the Day
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Luv Bug, the Pet of the Day
Luv Bug, the Pet of the Day

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