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June 15, 2012

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Luna, the Pet of the Day
Name: Luna
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Congo African Grey
Home: Colorado, USA
   This is my Congo African Grey named Luna. Of the two species of African Grey Parrots, Timneh and Congo, CAG's are the larger of the two, and they have a big ego, too as well. She is blast and thinks she is sexy! She is such a ham for the camera, as you can see.

    Luna will be one year old August 12th. She is special to me because I had had always wanted a Congo African grey since I was a little kid. Luna is like having another toddler because the second you turn your back she is doing something naughty. She is very cuddly at night and is very happy to sit on the arm of the sofa and watch TV with us, loud explosions gets her really excited. She has a huge personality and is just starting to say her first words, which include Luna, Hi, and Whatcha doin. Luna is a awesome bird and I'm so glad she is in our family!

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