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June 14, 2012

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Butterscotch, the Pet of the Day
Name: Butterscotch
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Home: Coral Springs, Florida, USA
   Butterscotch is very sweet. He loves to lay down with you and cuddle. Sometimes, he likes to play. I got him at Underground Reptiles during May. He is our first prairie dog. I have never seen another prairie dog with his kind of coat.

    His personality is a bit mischievous .He rips up everything in sight. He tried eating the rug, purses, paper and once jumped into my chinchilla's cage when we weren't looking. The thing that makes him special is that we never had a prairie dog before. Although he is a bit mischievous, I love him and I hope you liked what I shared with you today about my pet Butterscotch Ripper Hamilton.

    When we say he is a bit mischievous, here are three examples of what I mean! The first one is, he chewed off nine bars on his cage when we first got him and that freaked us out.

    The second one is, the first time we took out Butterscotch he started running after my feet! We called the pet store and they said to spray him with a water bottle if he nipped. That did not work. We slowly told him "no." He understood and now he loves to cuddle.

    The third thing is he jumps off everything! We use to have a big two-story house with a loft. We put Butterscotch in the loft and that was his room. One day we were eating and we heard a big plop from over to the left of are house under where the loft was. The big plop was by the TV set and of course Butterscotch jumped down nine feet! He did it over and over again. We moved out of that house soon after he did that. We moved in an apartment and put Butterscotch in it. We have a balcony here, and that became Butterscotch's room. One day I went to go see him but he was not there. I looked under everything in his cage and he was not there. I looked around the balcony and he was not there. I saw a rip in the screen. I ran outside. I looked right where the rip was and there was Butterscotch with one of his legs hurt. He did this again and I went outside to look for him at the ripped spot but he was not there. I called his name a few times but there was nothing.

    I called Animal Control, and they asked me if I was looking for a prairie dog and they brought me to an apartment with a lady and said she picked him up from the grass and brought him inside. I thanked her and took Butterscotch home. He escaped several more times, and once, after he was missing for two days, I got another call and a guy trapped Butterscotch in the washer and dryer room downstairs. I picked him up and gave the man the reward money that was on my poster. Now, thankfully, he has never gotten out since we got him a new bigger cage that he seems much happier with. He is happy that it is summer and he can go out more often. We love him.

Butterscotch, the Pet of the Day

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