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June 5, 2012

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Jerry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jerry
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Home: Calhan, Colorado, USA
   Jerry is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, and he's just three months old. We brought Jerry home when he was three days old as a bottle baby. Two pictures are from when he was a baby, just about a week old.

    He is very friendly, and whenever he sees you he runs over wagging his tail. If you leave his pen after a visit he'll yell and yell for you to come back! Along with being a pesky bottle kid, he's also a beautiful boy that I can't wait to get in the showring! :) His first show will be this Saturday! The sleek picture is from last weekend, when eight of my goats got a good clipping. Doesn't he look great? We love him!

Jerry, the Pet of the Day
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Jerry, the Pet of the Day
Jerry, the Pet of the Day

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