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July 31, 2012

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Sadie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sadie
Age: Nine, Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Netherland Dwarf rabbit
Home: West Columbia, South Carolina, USA
   Sadie was given to me and she was "with child" at the time which I did not know. Shortly afterwards she gave birth to three little bunnies. I tried to separate her from her husbunny but it was too late, so then she had two more little babies and 30 days later two more. Finally I wised up and got her husbunny, Thumper, fixed. Then I had to get all the babies snipped. I kept them all - once you have them you just can't give them up. They all have their own room except Sadie - she rooms with me. Thumper went to the Rainbow Bridge a month or so ago. Sadie gets a salad, plus a little plate of three slices of strawberries, two or three blueberries and a couple of sprigs of mint every day. She also loves to eat roses.

    Sadie is a little on the elderly side for a rabbit. Here she is in her tiara sent to her from a bunnyman friend on BunSpace. She used to do binkies and play more when she was younger. However, now Sadie just kind of hangs out in her little area made of rugs, a cardboard house, a poopie box filled with hay, her food dishes and a few toys. She has two chairs to sit in but seldom sits in them now that she is a little overweight. At night sometimes I put her next to me on my bed and she lays next to me and I give her bunny treats. When she wants a headrub she rubs her head up against my hand. She and I are extremely close since I nursed her through Stasis once from which she almost died. Sometimes when I am holding her and kissing her she makes little sweet noises and licks me. And yes, she is very affectionate!

Sadie, the Pet of the Day

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