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July 28, 2012

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Frisky Lucius, the Pet of the Day
Name: Frisky Lucius
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Dallas, Texas, USA
   I got Frisky Lucius with his wife Louisa in early June. They both immediately melted my heart. Before I got Frisky Lucius, he was already named Lucius by his previous owner. I thought it sounded too much like a last name, so I added Frisky in front, to describe a frisky dance he does when excited. Oh, and sometime way before I got him, when he was very young, he won Bronze Best of Breed at a ferret show.

    One special thing about Frisky Lucius is that he is not fixed. Most pet ferrets are neutered to prevent aggressiveness and other behavioral problems. But Frisky is exceptionally very sweet, loves to be cuddled, and never had any problems. Before I got them, Frisky and Louisa became the proud parents of several kits, who found other homes. The kits likely share the good looks, charm, and mischief of their parents. It's possible that a young ferret coming from Dallas area ending up on Pet of the Day sometime in the future could be one of their babies.

    One hilariously mischievous thing Frisky likes to do is steal my socks. Not dirty, single socks. He steals clean folded pairs and runs away with them. I caught him on video doing this.

    Like me, he has at least some concern for wildlife issues. He likes to sleep in a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) tote bag with a picture of a tiger cub on it.

Frisky Lucius, the Pet of the Day

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