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July 26, 2012

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Lime Roll, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lime Roll
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Green Iguana
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   What makes Lime special? Well first of all, she has little crooked fingers! She also has such a personality, even if she's always a grump when in her cage! She's doing very well with her taming and training sessions, but still has her moments.

    She is a rescue of sorts. I bought her from Petco (which I know is a bad thing to do) and she was very sickly. After a little more than two weeks, after her "health guarantee" had run out, she got extremely skinny and dehydrated for no apparent reason. She was so terribly ill, when I held her she actually molded into my hand and stayed that way. She was very weak and couldn't move.

    We drove her all the way to the Petco we bought her from to have them take her to their vet. The fish guy that helped with buying her was there that day, so we went right to him. He called the manager, and the manager was very surprised how bad she was. He declared it an emergency and took her right away, and even free of charge. He also gave us our money back for her.

    She had to stay over there for about a week, and they said they would call us when she was ready. A week went by and we never got the call. Another week went by and still no call, so we drove back down there. Apparently, whoever put her back in the holding cage, put no note saying we owned her! They told us the next day, she would have been put back out and sold. So I almost lost my little Lime... twice!

    Now, I bought Lime because I really wanted another iguana. I had had an iguana, Big Igg, for nine years, but had to give him away since I was moving across the country due to my dad being Navy. He was my best friend, and the best, most sociable iguana ever. I knew I wouldn't get another Big Igg, I could never replace him, but hey, I'm trying!

    I'm not actually sure how her toes became crooked; I know that iguanas tend to abuse them. I feed her all of her staple diet foods every day, so health shouldn't have been the issue. Then again, maybe when she was sickly, that's when they got misshapen.

    She is very sassy when in her cage. She will try to whip you (not very ferociously though, just as a "don't touch me" thing) and run away. But once you get her out with some food, she's fine. She will still tend to be scared when out of her cage, but only if I set her on the ground. Other than that, she enjoys going places and being out! She will walk on a leash, so I can safely take her places.

    She doesn't really know much yet in terms of tricks. I will be able to train her more things once I am able to move out, as I do not have the room and such right now. Don't worry, there's plenty of room for lime to live here, just not come out! Her favorite treats are dandelion flowers and wheat bread.

    By the way, I don't put her in the pool often since chlorine is bad for reptiles, and I don't put her in very long. She loves her floatie. Once I move out, I'll be buying her a little pool of her own, no chlorine!

   I love her very much!

Lime Roll, the Pet of the Day
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Lime Roll, the Pet of the Day
Lime Roll, the Pet of the Day
Lime Roll, the Pet of the Day
Lime Roll, the Pet of the Day

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