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July 24, 2012

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Bubble Gums, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bubble Gums
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Holstein steer
Home: Auburn, California, USA
   Hi, my name is Bubble Gums, I am loving and used to be bottle fed. I live in Auburn, California with a herd of ten Nubian dairy goats! When I first came to my new home I was three weeks old, I was very small and my owners say I was super cute. I still am, but anyway, I didn't know how to eat grass and one of the goats I came to stay with started to realize it, her name is Elizabeth. Every time she saw me up in the barn she would run up to me and head butt me down into the pasture and taught me how to eat grass. She was like a mother to me, only difference was that she is a goat and I am a steer. Now I know how to eat grass like a real steer!

    Many of you may be wondering why my name is Bubble Gums, well... after living in my new home for a little over a month, my owners started to see something growing on my cheek, it looked like I was chewing bubble gum so my name was changed from Titus to Bubble Gums. As it turned out the thing on my cheek wasn't bubble gum at all (of course) but it was a tumor! After my owners found that out they had to remove it, and they had the vet do it. Don't worry it didn't hurt one bit :) and we're glad it is gone, and my name stuck!

    My owners get annoyed with me sometimes because I like to eat their figs off their fig trees, and eat the willow tree leaves. One time I also ate some brand newly planted bamboo stocks, hey I didn't know!

    I am a Happy steer with lots of space to run around and play with my goat friends!!!

Bubble Gums, the Pet of the Day
Bubble Gums, the Pet of the Day

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