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July 17, 2012

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ReaRea, Miri, the Pet of the Day
Name: ReaRea, Miri
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Greenwing Macaw
Home: Central Texas, USA
   These are my Greenwing Macaws, ReaRea and Miri. They're both at one year old (well, one is, other will be next month). They have the same parents, but were hatched one clutch apart. ReaRea (upside down one) is the oldest, queen of the flock and best personality of all our birds, very loving and affectionate. Miri is more standoffish, not nearly as outgoing but can be when she wants to be. Miri is the flyer, and flies everywhere, while Rea prefers walking everywhere. They are not really that vocal unless they want something, but what bird isn't? There' a reason folks say having a Macaw is like having a permanent two-year-old! Favorite treats ... well, that's a tossup between chicken and pizza, but they love anything, especially anything we are eating. I have to put them up whenever I cook.

    I had birds about thirty years ago, and our Hahn's Macaw was our first together (and my wife's first). Our breeder is a close friend/ex-neighbor, and a year ago it was the first time her Greenwings had three clutches in one season so she was sort of overwhelmed. We've found it is much more fun having more than one since they help entertain each other, and in doing so, entertain us as well!

ReaRea, Miri, the Pet of the Day
ReaRea, Miri, the Pet of the Day

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