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July 13, 2012

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Mary, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mary
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Nubian Goat
Home: Auburn, California, USA
   Hi, my name is mary, I am a two-year-old Nubian dairy goat! My owner Katelyn milks me every morning and night. I make one gallon of rich and creamy milk every day. I am black with tan markings, I also have a very small white patch on my tummy. I love food ! My favorite kind is oats with molasses and diatomaceous earth... Mmmmmmm... An interesting fact about me is that I love the take baths!!! Most goats don't, but I love them!

    Sometimes after being milked in the evening Katelyn lets me eat wild black berries that are left over from the last night's picking. Katelyn and her dad make homemade raw yoghurt, cheese, and ice cream out of my milk, I've never had it but they say it tastes good. Sometimes Katelyn's younger brother and sister come out to join Katelyn and I to play with me and my friends. My friends are also dairy goats but Katelyn doesn't milk us all right now! :) I love my family!

Mary, the Pet of the Day

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