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July 12, 2012

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Lily, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lily
Age: One year and one month old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Midlands, UK
   This is lily, she a lovely gentle guinea pig. She is confident and beautiful when it comes to taking photos of her. She loves her food but then what guinea doesn't! She has a sister called Pinky and they get on great we call them "partners in crime," they always get up to no good together.

   I had a guinea before her but he died and we were very sad for the loss so we went to Pets at Home just for some rabbit treats and there were Lily and her sister in this cage. It was like they were put in this cage ready for us to take home. Mum wasn't convinced but I just knew I was supposed to take them home. We brought them there and then, they were "old stock" so put in the re- homing area. Lily and pinky are not blood related but love each other as sisters.

   She plays indoors and out she knows the sound of the fridge door meaning "its snack time!!!" She gets on well with my rabbit, she walks in front of him hoping to get a lick from him so he has to stand and lick Lily's ear until she lays down! She's lazy at times and enjoys a sit down on the sofa with me and her sister and she nods off to sleep. Lily is very content with her life and very spoilt. I first discovered her photogenic side when I was trying to take pictures of them all in the garden and Lily would just stand in front of the camera and change her positions almost as if she was posing. Now that I have a great model on hand, I think of ideas for our photo-shoots and she goes along with it. Lily knows when that camera is there, I'm totally sure of it, she's great to work with and afterward she gets treated like crazy if she's worked hard, bless her>

   I love Lily, finding her was fate. We play together every day, I love her soo much. I love taking photos of her and sharing them with people. I like to see people smile when they see how cute she is. Well done, Lily, you're a great piggie!

Lily, the Pet of the Day
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Lily, the Pet of the Day
Lily, the Pet of the Day
Lily, the Pet of the Day

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