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July 11, 2012

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Shakira, the Pet of the Day
Name: Shakira
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Austrian Warmblood
Home: Steyr, Austria
   I want to introduce you my horse Shakira. Well, Shakira isn't her official name, in her documents she's named Beluna, but the man who owned her before didn't like that name. I prefer Beluna, but she won't listen to it.

   It's a strange story how I got her. I have owned her now for about two months, but I know her since she was four years old. Everyone believe it's destiny that we found each other, and so I do.

   The man who owned her before was my trainer. He trained me and some other girls over a few years in dressage and especially in show jumping. I also joined tournaments with Shakira for about a year. We were successful since the first day. But after that season, he said that he want to ride her on his own, so I stopped riding her after about one year.

   I got another horse, also a special one, and also a jumper. I learned much with him and from him, but he is already twenty years old. After a tournament in May, he got injured, torn tendon, so that I can't ride him anymore. During this time I started to look for horses on the Internet. I founded some Nice which I was really interested in, but they were too far away. So my mum said, "Aren't there horses near by?" I remembered one, a four-year-old dressage gelding, but he was not that what I was looking for. When I looked for other horses near my hometown I found an announcement: "10 years old, Warmblood mare Beluna for sale."

   That moment changed everything. At first I didn't know what I should do, but then I decided to buy her. My trainer gave me a special price and two days after I read the announce she was mine. After that he said to me, "You're lucky that you read this. I wanted to sell her about one year ago, and there were two people who were really interested in her, but then I thought that it wasn't the right time."

   Since that day I have been the happiest girl in the whole wide world ;)!

   We have much to learn, she is totally jumpy, but it's getting better, and better. And one day, I believe, I can make my personal dream came true: Ride from the Austrian mountains to Croatian Sea on the back of my horse, on the back of my Shakira!"

   Here's also a link to a short video: The Best of you.

Shakira, the Pet of the Day
Shakira, the Pet of the Day

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