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July 10, 2012

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Martini, the Pet of the Day
Name: Martini
Age: One year, two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pastel ferret
Home: Yekaterinburg, Russia
   Hello! My name is Darina and I would like to introduce my sweet ferret Martini. My family bought Martini on June 2011 in the pet shop. He was such a small baby at that time, quite naughty and restless. Well, he is the same way now, with an exception that now he is a big boy!

    Martini is very funny, he's just a hilarious creature! It seems like he enjoys making people laugh. At the same time he is very cute and adorable. He's a great companion to me and to my family members. Just imagine - he, a ferret, is willingly ready to be with people no matter what they do! He is with me during the laundry (once he even got laundered in the washing machine, but he was okay), and he stays with me at night as he does like sleeping with people. He's by your side when you are having a dinner (yes, he hopes you'll offer some food for him as well). He likes walking outside wearing a harness. He plays with people only, never on his own or with other animals. So, in conclusion, Martini is a great friend. He's almost like a human, at times it seems that Martini understands everything and I'm sure that he is very smart.

    Having a chance to own a ferret, I fell in love with them and now I do want to buy another one! But what stops me from doing that is, I want to give all my love to Martini only! I know I can love all ferrets, but then Martini will get less attention than he does now. And as I said before, he enjoys playing and being with people, not with other animals.

    I'm really happy to have Martini. It's an awesome gift the life has given me - a fluffy little friend with shiny eyes and loving heart.

Martini, the Pet of the Day
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Martini, the Pet of the Day
Martini, the Pet of the Day

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