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July 6, 2012

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Cymorill, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cymorill
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Boa constrictor imperator
Home: Warsaw, Poland
   Cymorill is a very special pet, because snakes like her are really rare in our country. She is a Boa constrictor imperator (her coloring is Sunglow or possibly Supersunglow). She is a little diamond in my breeding program, and is very important to me. She has very beautiful vibrant colors - can be darker or lighter, depending on many factors.

    When she was with the previous owner, she was described as a snake who can bite you often, when is hungry or just have a bad day. But she has never bitten me and acts very mild when we are together. Also she is very inquisitive and must check out everything she finds interesting.

    Her name comes from Cymoril the she-elf from "The Witcher" games - known as the most beautiful woman that has ever lived in the world. I got her as a present for my 18th birthday and I traveled through a whole country to get her - enough to make her very special pet to me! And she recently had her first birthday - she turned one year old on June 26th.

    She is awesome. She is about one meter long (100 cm). I think she'll be about two and half meters (250 centimeters) when full grown adult and about seven to eight kilograms and I think it will be when she is about three to four years, but it's hard to say - we will see. For now I can only say she is quite small - my previous boa female at her age was much bigger and heavier. And after all snakes grow their whole life so we have a time. For sure we need to feed her well and then she will start to grow really fast. Also I hope she will be a great mother of beautiful babies when is old enough.

    For now she is alone in her cage, but when is old and big enough, probably will be with my other female - Costa Rica boa girl, four years old and big, heavy, stunningly dark-colored lady. They'll look beautiful together - dark and a light one. I can't wait for her to grow!

    She is not the only one snake I own (I'm exotic animal maniac, so have a lot of snakes, tarantulas and others)! But she is very special to me!

Cymorill, the Pet of the Day

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