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July 5, 2012

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Martha, the Pet of the Day
Name: Martha
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: Moscow, Russia
   My ferret Martha, she is two years old, and we live in Russia in Moscow. My parents presented ferret to me two years ago on my birthday. Her name "Martha" - it's my idea, I think this name is beautiful.

    She don't know any tricks. It's a pity ... But she wipes her face with a napkin after dinner, of course, if you give her a napkin. Most of the day she sleeps. She eats canned cat food which called "Whiskas." Her personal distinction is a white spot on her chest.

    She likes to steal different things and hide them, for example she takes her favorite food and makes stockpiles. In the same way she steals my father's cigarettes, but she didn't eat them, only hides them. It's an ideal way to stop smoking, yes?

    In Moscow ferrets have been kept as pets for very very long time. Many citizens of our city are keep ferrets, better, of course, if the have two or three, because ferrets likes play with their relatives. The other thing Martha likes is to throw objects from height. She often breaks the cups and saucers:(. But I love her!

Martha, the Pet of the Day
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Martha, the Pet of the Day
Martha, the Pet of the Day
Martha, the Pet of the Day

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