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January 27, 2012

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Lucy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucy
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Skinny, Hairless Guinea Pig
Home: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
   This is Lucille Bald (yes, her name is an "I Love Lucy" reference), known as Lucy for every day. Lucy is special because, firstly, she only has hair on her nose and feet! Lucy is a Skinny pig, which means that she eats and drinks more to accommodate for her lack of hair. Lucy is a very bright girl and loves posing for pictures (possibly because she knows a treat is coming soon after!). She is very affectionate and loves being lavished with attention. And does she have a voice! Anytime she hears us walking through the hall, she squeaks to let us know she hears us!

    Recently, Lucy and her beau, Ricky Ribaldo, had their first litter of pups - all hairless and wrinkly. When Lucy is not working hard on being a mom, she enjoys running around her cage with her best friend, Leela. Lap time is one of her favorites, as Lucy loves being rubbed by a pair of warm hands. She also enjoys having the hair on her nose scratched. And when all else fails, Lucy enjoys taking her rest in her bright pink pigloo.

    I had wanted a hairless guinea pig since I learned about them approximately two years ago. My hubby found one, Lucy, and bought her for me as an early Christmas gift (September early). Lucy's favorite treat is romaine lettuce or a nice, crisp carrot. She also doesn't mind bath time (there is a need to bathe skinny pigs more frequently than other guinea pigs to keep their skin in top shape). Lucy feels like suede or a soft leather, and her skin is always very warm to the touch (because of her need to regulate her temperature). Though she may look odd, Lucy truly is a wonderful pet and a beautiful example of her breed.

Lucy, the Pet of the Day
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Lucy, the Pet of the Day
Lucy, the Pet of the Day
Lucy, the Pet of the Day

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