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January 25, 2012

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Warren, the Pet of the Day
Name: Warren
Age: Four and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Golden Ridgeback Guinea Pig
Home: West Yorkshire, England
   Warren is a banded golden ridgeback guinea pig, which makes him look a bit like a furry shark! Warren is special as the ridgeback breed is very rare, he is the brother of another of my guinea pigs and will always stick up for him if there are any confrontations, he is definitely the big brother you can rely on! Even though he is still a baby, he is the brave one. He absolutely loves going in and out of his tunnels. His eyes mesmerize me as sometimes they are normal and black, but occasionally they turn red, which used to shock me each time they changed, but now it's something I'm used to! I guess it depends on the light, but he is a sweetheart no matter what color his eyes turn!

    The photo where he's on the top of the ramp is something he does regularly to get attention. He makes a rumbling noise at the top whenever he hears his brothers above. He also loves chewing everything! He's eaten most of his hay ball hidey, and started on the cardboard tube. He's even chewed on the bars of the hutch when I was on the other side sorting out food for them. His favourite food is pepper and will walk around following it if I wave it around in the air!

Warren, the Pet of the Day
Warren, the Pet of the Day

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