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January 16, 2012

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Ikoss, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ikoss
Age: Eighteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Warmblood Horse
Home: Yorkshire, England, UK
   This is my horse Ikoss. She is eighteen years old and we bought her from Holland ten years ago. She is a Dutch Warmblood and an amazing showjumper. She loves hacking out, although she gets spooked easily! She hates mud and loves extra strong mints. She even lets my boyfriend sit on her and remains very well behaved! She had a foal three years ago, Archie, which put some strain on her physically, but she is going strong! She was already named Ikoss and we have no idea what it means or if it even means anything in Dutch.

    She is extremely friendly and will come to anyone even when she is loose in the field. She does buck sometimes when she is excited (or when it is very windy, no idea why!) but she is a very safe horse. In my eight years of riding her she has never thrown me off or galloped off with me.

    She does not like fishermen or ponies pulling carts, I think it confuses her! Even though she is getting on a bit she is very energetic and enthusiastic, she loves to jump and most importantly, she is a girl who loves her food! I love her!

Ikoss, the Pet of the Day
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Ikoss, the Pet of the Day
Ikoss, the Pet of the Day
Ikoss, the Pet of the Day

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