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January 13, 2012

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Romeo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Romeo
Age: Sixteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue and Gold Macaw
Home: Crystal City, Missouri, USA
   Hello my name is Sara and I have a Blue and Gold Macaw named Romeo. He is sixteen months old, so still a baby, really, and we live in Crystal City, Missouri. He is really sweet, has a fairly large vocabulary, loves to be loved on, and comes when called like a dog.

    Well, he is really sweet, has to be in the center of attention, and says things like "hi romeo;" "I love you;" "how ya doin;" "what's that;" "here kitty kitty;" "hello;" "pretty bird;" and a few more things. He doesn't know any tricks yet, but he does amaze people with the way that he will just fall onto his back for play over and over again. And he also knows to say hi to new people coming in. I have him at my computer shop, and he is making himself a pretty neat mascot for the business, too.

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