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January 10, 2012

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Mirasol, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mirasol
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Corn Snake
Home: California, USA
   Mirasol is a young Champagne corn snake. She was one of several I got to choose from when looking for a female champagne, and she was hands-down the finest of the bunch because her stripe is almost perfect from head to tail, and her color is so bright already! These snakes tend to start rather pale as youngsters and color up as they grow. Mira is going to be an exceptionally lovely lady! She had an adorable pug nose when I got her, but that has grown out a bit as she has matured.

    As corn snakes go, she's rather sassy. She likes to remind me that she is in fact a fierce predator, even if she's about the size of a pencil. When she's not ready to be approached, she rattles her tail and flattens her head in an effort to look scary. Once she has reminded me who is on the top of the food chain, she's generally content to come out for some handling. She's less curious than some of my other snakes, and usually once she's settled she sits on my hand in one place and just looks around. I brought her home with a breeding project in mind, but she's turned out to be such a lovely pet all on her own. I'm so glad she's part of the scaly family!

    She gave me a real scare the other day and escaped from what I thought was her secure aquarium, that itself is set in a plastic tub I, with hands and opposable thumbs, often have trouble opening! It was very scary, as she's able to fit in so many small places, and get into trouble, but thankfully, she later appeared happily settled on top of her home, as if waiting for me! She is not only beautiful, but a smart snake, too!

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