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January 8, 2012

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Misty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Misty
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Goat
Home: Loogootee, Indiana, USA
   This is Misty. Misty was born March 30, 2010. She is a mix breed, though I believe she has some Nubian in her. Misty is an only goat. She lives in a large pen in our barn and when the weather is warm enough she gets tied out in our yard where she eats almost everything she can reach, which includes grass, weeds, bushes, and even pine tree needles. She prefers all of those foods over grass or hay. Her absolutely favorite food is dairy feed, which she gets a lot of over winter to help her stay warm. She hates cold days.

    When she sees us coming with her feed she wags her tail like a puppy or as though she is still a nursing kid. And, believe it or not, she adores dog biscuits. She also eats dog feed every chance she gets. I think she believes she is a dog. She uses her long horns to shove them when she thinks they are in the way, but she runs when they try to chase her. She loves humans and often 'talks' to us. Here is how a typical conversation goes: Miiiistyyyyy!!!! Baaaaaaa!!! What? Baaaaaa! What do you want? Baaaaaa! It is very fascinating.

    We cannot allow her to run free without supervision because she jumps on vehicles, and hooves leave marks. She is hopefully expecting a kid next April. The daddy is a Boer goat. We love our Misty.

Misty, the Pet of the Day
Misty, the Pet of the Day

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