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January 6, 2012

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Wally, Orville, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wally, Orville
Age: Ten, Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Bloomington, Indiana, USA
   Wally and Orville love playing together, snuggling, and arguing over who gets what toy. They make lots of fuss about this, but no one is ever injured, other than feeling get hurt! They seem to prefer being mushed together as close as possible, which is funny to see! They also like to groom knuckles, fingertips and their Dad's beard stubble.

    We can always tell them apart. Wally has a more pointy face and slanted eyes. Orville is more round in the eyes, face and body.

    We got Orville from a breeder. We picked him out when he was two weeks old. When we brought him home a month later, he seemed so lonely. We knew chinchillas were social animals, so we found Wally at a discounted price from another breeder. When we introduced them, they got along immediately. Neither had ever really lived alone and they were both young so that helped.

    Wally is more shy than Orville and it took him a few months to warm up to us. Orville has always been social and fearless. They are both very sweet though, and friendly towards people.

    They like to watch TV and run on their Chin Spin in their three-level Ferret Nation cage. Whenever they hear the rustle of a bag, they come running to the doors of their cage to get a rosehip or a chew stick. Their favorite part of the week is playtime when they get dust baths!

Wally, Orville, the Pet of the Day
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Wally, Orville, the Pet of the Day
Wally, Orville, the Pet of the Day

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