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January 5, 2012

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Mitthu Cooche, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mitthu Cooche
Age: Five and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parrot
Home: Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
   I bought Mitthu when he was just 25 days old. He was very shy when I saw him first time. Afterward he got over his shyness and I find him very quick and sharp. He is very attached to me. I never want to lose him.

    He is so cute. These pictures are almost four months old, and now he is more beautiful than before. You know what? He giggles with me and laughs like me. He can say "Mitthu," and can scream like a person. I am preparing him to say everything just like us. I mean he has to talk like a human being, after all, he is part of the family.

    Once I was kissing him on his neck and he bit me on my nose. That was so bad, and I flinched, and scolded him, but then realized actually he was also trying to kiss me. I have some other budgies for his entertainment, and he is very happy with them. If I put them somewhere else, where he cannot see, he feels anxious.

    He and I watch television together. Someone told me that if you put your parrot near the T.V., he will talk like a human faster. And whenever I cross near his cage and do not see him or say him anything, he screams and say something in his own bird language like "Why you are not paying attention to me?"

    He used to play with a ball, and he often plays hide and seek with me. He likes to swing on his swinging rope, actually he sleeps on his swinging rope at night, too. He likes to have millet, apple, bread, noodles, etc. in with his food. I give him green chili so that his beak is very sharp and red. I love him very much.

Mitthu Cooche, the Pet of the Day
Mitthu Cooche, the Pet of the Day

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