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January 1, 2012

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Zac, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zac
Age: Four and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Mix Guinea Pig
Home: Brighouse, West Yorkshire, England
   Zac is my newest addition to the family, he's a tri-colored part Abyssinian part smooth guinea pig. He is four months and two weeks old and lives in West Yorkshire. As he is part Abyssinian, he has four rosettes on his body, two on each side at the back and two on each side just behind his head. The two by his head make his hair stand up and gives him a sort of quiff! He is very obedient and will usually follow his fellow cage mates around just to be involved! Being the newest one in the family, he just can't wait to make friends!

    Zac is very affectionate and has a great lads relationship with my eldest boar. He is very vocal, which usually means he gets what he wants, and will always let us know if he wants attention. Whenever we give attention to another guinea-pig, he is always there wanting to be involved. He is very active and will always run around the cage when he wants to play. His favorite type of toys are ones he can chew, and loves the carrot patch toy where he pulls out the Hessian carrots just for me to put them back in again! Being the newest addition he always likes to please the others, and when I put in fresh vegetables, he will wait his turn before digging in. He's great at reaching up to get treats that are on top of tunnels or that I'm holding up, his favorite food is parsley and he will use the cage edge and other toys to get to it!

Zac, the Pet of the Day

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