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February 26, 2012

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Sophie Phoenix, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sophie Phoenix
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Meyer's Parrot
Home: Columbus, Wisconsin, USA
   Sophie Phoenix, a Meyer's Parrot, came into our family as an adoption in January 2012. In November 2011 we lost our beloved Morgan (Sunday Conure) while on vacation. Our hearts were heavy with sorrow and Samuel (Sun Conure) took the loss of his best friend/brother really hard. The month after Morgan's death he picked at his food and showed no interest in all the toys he used to love. He always had a friend since he was a baby and he didn't know how to handle being alone. We decided to bring another bird into the house so Samuel would have birdie companionship again.

    Sophie came from a loving house, but was not on the proper diet (seeds) and was underweight for her species. Her feathers were dull and the area around her nares was really dry from her bad diet. She took to her new pellet and organic foods diet very quickly and we started to see the improvements in her right away. Her feathers started becoming more vibrant, area around her nares improved and she started becoming more active. When we first brought her home she would sleep most of the day and now she's lively and perky. We're also working on getting her potty trained but she's very stubborn.

    Sophie is so silly at times, especially when she is mumbling to herself. She can say 'Pretty Bird", laughs, makes kissing sounds and she loves to whistle. Most of the time she loves to mumble her gibberish and we never know quite what she is saying, but we enjoy it. If we are engaged in a passionate conversation she jumps right in sharing her opinions. She also loves sharing her thoughts while you talk on the phone. Her brother Samuel thinks she is weird. He is always complaining about her, but we know that he loves her and just stack it up to sibling rivalry.

    Sophie enjoys jumping off her play pen and searching the house looking for us. Another bad habit from her former home we wish we could break. When she's being naughty I call her "Sophia Petrillo", it just seems fitting because she's spunky like that character from Golden Girls. Sophie also loves her footy toys and having her tummy/head rubbed. She loves hanging upside down, being goofy, receiving cuddles and kisses. She's a very messy eater and drinker too. Whatever she's eating ends up on the walls and floors! We also call her a dumpster diver because she loves to search for old crusty food that we missed.

    Everyone who meets Sophie falls in love with her. She's such a sweet, pretty and friendly little bird. She is our little explorer, and we love her very much.

Sophie Phoenix, the Pet of the Day
Sophie Phoenix, the Pet of the Day

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