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February 14, 2012

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Handbag, the Pet of the Day
Name: Handbag
Age: 6.5 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   Handbag was rescued from the San Diego Humane Society when he was five years old. He is an amazing chinchilla. He's very funny, easy-going and completely tolerant of me picking him up, putting a hat on, etc. He has just over 200 friends on his facebook page, "HandbagtheChinchilla." He is just the light of my day. He loves to come out and play and has many videos on Youtube of his antics. I could not ask for a more wonderful pet. Handbag was his previous name so I kept it, since he was five years old and already was used to it.

    I think the reason Handbag is so special is because when I got him, I knew nothing about chinchillas except for their basic care. I was unaware they generally didn't like to be picked up or touched that much. When I got Handbag from the San Diego Humane Society, they told me out of all the chinchillas that had come through there in years past, Handbag was unique in his personality and easy-goingness. When he got to my house, I remember I made a video of his first day. Little did I know how wrong I was about why he was nervous!

    Handbag came into a very noisy, busy house. At the time I had Mudslide the dog and a cat. Handbag quickly turned into the alpha animal of the house. This is surprising, because chinchillas are considered prey animals and tend to run from other animals. The cat has since passed and the dog is clearly not in charge, Handbag is. He is delightful in so many ways. I can pick him up, carry him around, let him out for play where he completely interacts with me by climbing, jumping and chasing. One time I was laying on my back and Handbag would jump on a chair, and then jump onto my belly, over and over, like I was a trampoline.

    Nothing seems to bother this little guy. He doesn't mind noises, other animals, nor a very overwhelming mother.

   Here are some of his favorite videos:

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