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February 7, 2012

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Merlin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Merlin
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red-crowned Amazon Parrot
Home: Beckley, West Virginia, USA
   Merlin is a red-crowned Amazon or mexican red-headed Amazon. He's on the smaller size for a amazon, very intelligent and loving. He always wants a say in what goes on with him, I respect that. He's noisy at times, but mostly quiet, and is a good talker. His feelings can be hurt and he remembers when you slight him. He's a great bird, but he is an Amazon. I set firm boundaries and we get on okay.

    Merlin is my first parrot. My husband is a notorious one-stop Christmas shopper and Merlin was his gift for that year. I know, no research, not a good thing, but it's been really good. I've had so many different animals over the years, and I started studying and reading up on parrots immediately. I just had to learn how he thinks. He was a little over eight months at the time, he'll be six in April.

    He's a pretty mellow guy, he's happy just to hang out w/me. He spends 90% of his time out of his cage and he can get into a lot of trouble. His current favorite hobby is making sure I get new dishes - anything unsupervised is pushed to the floor!

    He's a great talker, and has over 40 words/phrases. It's not something we tried to teach him, he just picks things up from our conversations. He's fully flighted, so he gets plenty of exercise flying around the house. He loves for me to sing to him and will bob his head and throw a little owww and a occasional "Merlin" into the lyrics.

    It's really been good, but parrots aren't for everyone. He's like a toddler that flies, is into everything and mobile enough to get into anything he wants. But I wouldn't give up my guy for the world.

Merlin, the Pet of the Day

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