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February 1, 2012

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Nicky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nicky
Age: Seventeen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue and Gold Macaw
Home: Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
   Hello my husband and I are proud parents of Nicky, though technically she belongs to our son. We are the third set of parents for her, she came to us several years ago at the age of about nine with an African Grey, Lucky, and both were always kept in a cages. When she was with her prior owners she was abused, and the kids of the family threw things at her cage. When we first got her, we brought her home with her cage in the back of the pick-up truck. She was so mean we could not even touch her cage even without getting attacked. They also told us she was male, though now we know better. We changed her name to Nicky instead of just Nick. Lucky wasn't so lucky, by the way. We didn't know how old he really was and his health went bad. We have Kacy now, another grey, and he is eight years old.

    Now, though, after settling in and being a loved bird, she is sweetest thing ever. She is a real cuddler, and she is now seventeen. Nicky shares her home with several other birds, including Kacy, that's who she's allowing to share her perch in one picture. She pretty much gets along with everyone, except a bonded pair of eighteen-year-old greenwing macaws who would regard her as a threat and probably attack her, and a bossy little caique that we don't allow to interact with her, as the size difference is so great, and our Cockatoo who doesn't get along with anyone but human beings.

    Nicky is affectionate, and likes to climb up your shirt. Because we have several birds, it can get pretty noisy sometimes. Nicky will tell them all to shut up, and funny enough, they will quiet for a minute. She also loves to go in the sink and splash around! Peanut butter and crackers are a favorite treat of hers - and the rest of the flock as well!

    She loves "her" person, my son, and when he'll spread out a blanket for her, she'll climb on and get pulled around. She spreads her wings like she's flying and has a grand time. She also goes to Home Depot and is a celebrity wherever she goes, she'll just perch on the cart and enjoy all the attention!

    We love to listen to the birds so do the neighbors when the birds sit out side. We have outside "flight cages" we set up so they can be out there and enjoy the fresh air when the weather is nice. They have us trained well! Nicky has brought so much joy to our family that we would like to share it with everyone!

Nicky, the Pet of the Day
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Nicky, the Pet of the Day
Nicky, the Pet of the Day
Nicky, the Pet of the Day
Nicky, the Pet of the Day

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