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December 27, 2012

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Taylor, the Pet of the Day
Name: Taylor
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: American Crested Guinea Pig
Home: Westchester, Illinois, USA
   I have two guinea pigs. I got them for my 8th birthday in October 2012. I got one guinea pig that day, and named him Zane. Then we found out that we needed two guinea pigs to keep each other company. The next day I got a bigger guinea pig, blonde and white, and named him Taylor. Taylor is an American Crested. They are so funny, and Taylor's nickname is Cuddlebear, he loves to cuddle. Taylor is Zane's big brother, and loves being around Zane. And Taylor loves being around me, too! I named Taylor because that fits his colors perfectly. I love making them purr.

    Taylor is very talkative. If you pet him on the side he purrs. He loves to cuddle into your neck. His crest on his head massages me on the neck a lot. He loves to eat hay. Every day we give him hay. He thinks every hour we need to give Taylor hay! He is a hay pig.

    Taylor just loves to be around people. He loves to explore out of the cage. He runs around in the cage a lot. He loves to exercise and stuff like running. He is a great big brother to Zane. He loves to play with my two cats, too. Sometimes he is scared of the cats, though. His teeth are very long. His favorite food is hay and cucumbers. I love him so much!

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