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December 23, 2012

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Nellie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nellie
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Angora mix ferret
Home: Coslada, Madrid, Spain
   This cutie is Nellie, my lovely ferret, posing for a Christmas photo. Her color is chocolate with blaze, mitts, knee patches and bib. She is a very special ferret ... because she came home like a kind of "present" for passing all my high school exams. I studied really hard during the last summer just to pass all the exams and get her, and now she lives at home with my other ferret, Sweeney!

    When she first arrived home, she was a bit stressed out because of the travel (she came from Mallorca, a Spanish island, so she had been in the carrier for two days) and since she was a bit stressed she bit me two times. But by the second day she stopped biting, and from then on, she has been really good with people. She never bites, and she loves to sleep on you (she even makes kind of groans when she is asleep)! She also enjoys being carried in your arms, as you can see in one picture. But when she is in the mood to play, she is really active! She and her partner Sweeney have a whole room to play together. They enjoy running and chasing each other. I think her favorite toys are tubes! She has got three tubes in her room and when she is playing with Sweeney she used to get into them. I think that's because Sweeney is too big to get into the tubes, so it's a safe place for her!

    At the moment she is too young to learn tricks (though ferrets are not the best pets in learning tricks), and gets distracted really easily. However, she has already learned to get up and to roll, as long as I give her food as a reward!

    One peculiarity of her is that she has got a really long and soft hair! Although she is not a full Angora ferret, she really has got great fur! When I get together with other friends who have ferrets, they always tell me that she has got amazing fur! At first I thought she would have a normal coat, or even a rough one, because when she arrived home, her fur was really irregular, she had got some wisps of long hair and some of really short hair.. As is turns out, that's because her mom used to lick her way too much, and since ferret's tongue is really rough (just like cat's tongue!), she "broke" or "cut" her hair! But fortunately she molted her hair and it grew back, and now she is like my own furry pompom!

Nellie, the Pet of the Day
Nellie, the Pet of the Day

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