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December 22, 2012

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Nimbus, Pipsqweek, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nimbus, Pipsqweek
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lionhead rabbit
Home: Portsmouth, UK
   Nimbus (he's the white blue-eyed one) and Pipsqweek (dutch split vienna marked) are special because they are mine! I love my grandbunnies. And like all of my bunnies, they love to be handled and cuddled by everyone! This makes them so outgoing! You'll never see them locked at the bottom of the garden in a hutch, My bunnies are free range and when I'm home, have the run of the house and garden!

    Both are brothers from the same litter. They are kept together (with brother Bowie, also). If rabbits are from the same litter, they accept each other throughout life most of the time, so even though they are male they are fine being kept together. Both have fantastic temperaments. Nimbus is very in your face and 'Me Me Me' and Pip is just a happy-go-lucky little bun. They are were handled from day one, rule the household and even put the dogs in their place!

    Both are very active like all rabbits, and Nimbus is a kisser! He comes up and licks your face and hands and thinks whenever you get up he has to have something! He will chase you to the fridge and if you walk past it without getting something out for him, he will run around you and keep running back to the fridge, demanding he gets something. Pip is a cuddler. He will quite happily come lay next to you (once he's had a long runabout) and snuggle up and loves to be petted.

    Both love getting new toys and have little jingle balls that they will spend hours playing with, or my rabbit magazines that end up shreded sometimes! Their only trick is they know is, they can run circles around me and just pull cute faces so I give into them!

    They are very obediant rabbits sometimes. Lucky they are, as I'm usually on my own taking photos, so get no help from people positioning them and keeping them still for me. As long as there is a treat at the end they are comfortable sitting still - for a few moments anyway!

Nimbus, Pipsqweek, the Pet of the Day
Nimbus, Pipsqweek, the Pet of the Day

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