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December 20, 2012

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Tiberius, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tiberius
Age: Eleven weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: El Paso, Texas, USA
   Last month, my mother's guinea pig passed away of old age. For Christmas, my dad and I decided that we would get her a new baby because she missed the cuddling and fluffiness of her guinea pig. Thus, Tiberius the piggie was brought into our house. Tiberius is unique because he has a mix of markings that other guinea pigs of ours have had before. He has grey and white like our guinea pig Marcus had, brown and white in the middle like our guinea pig, Basch (the guinea pig who recently passed), and strawberry blonde on his butt like Sugar Daddy had all throughout his body.

    Tiberius's favourite passtimes are cuddling in his cat bed, and playing with his green Christmas sock monkey, who he will kiss and cuddle with in his bed. He also likes to play with his friend, Ziggy, our older guinea pig. Tiberius is very tolerant, and doesn't mind that he is now one of our new photography subjects for my deviantART page. He enjoys being dressed up and posing. His only problem is that he likes to run out of his bed and explore all over the floor and around the birds, which upsets the birds and excites our cats.

    Tiberius is one special pet, and a new blessing in our home. I am so happy to call this little guy ours!

Tiberius, the Pet of the Day
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Tiberius, the Pet of the Day
Tiberius, the Pet of the Day
Tiberius, the Pet of the Day
Tiberius, the Pet of the Day

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