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December 1, 2012

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Grammy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Grammy
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Gloster Canary
Home: Istanbul, Turkey
   This is Grammy, she is a Gloster canary. Grammy is special because she reminds me of my grandmother. I miss her. One day, we were looking for a toy for my aunt's dog, and we went in to a pet shop. We heard canaries singing and my aunt said that my grandmother, who passed away near that time, loved canaries. I decided to have one in memory of my grandmother. And there she was: the adorable GRAMMY! The unusual canary with "hair!"

    She is very independent, does not like strangers and crowd; but she likes her name I guess, because when you say her name she starts singing. She loves sunshine, and always sings in the mornings. She likes classical music a lot, especially violins, however she hates rap music, I can tell. She makes her preference quite clear!

    When she sleeps, Grammy looks like a fluffy tennis ball! Our vet said she is a little fat, but I think being skinny is already "out" these days! She eats a basic mix of canary food with seeds, fruits and vegetables, including fresh greens. She loves cucumbers and apples a lot!

    By the way, she loves to take baths. She gets into her bath tub and washes herself hopping and singing around. I love to watch her bathing! She is a great bird and a great friend.

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