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Grammy the Gloster Canary Grammy
Gloster Canary
Istanbul, Turkey
December 01, 2012

Whiskey the Netherland Dwarf Cross Rabbit Whiskey
Netherland Dwarf Cross Rabbit
December 02, 2012

Fancy the Horse Fancy
Texas, USA
December 03, 2012

Kioko the Jenday Conure Kioko
Jenday Conure
South Australia
December 04, 2012

Kanel the Guinea Pig Kanel
Guinea Pig
Oslo, Norway
December 05, 2012

Snickers the Mini Rex rabbit Snickers
Mini Rex rabbit
Windham, Ohio, USA
December 06, 2012

Mickey the Shetland Pony Mickey
Shetland Pony
Thunder Bay, Canada
December 07, 2012

Flöckchen the Guinea Pig Flöckchen
Guinea Pig
December 08, 2012

Mojo the Dusky Headed conure Mojo
Dusky Headed conure
Plymouth, UK
December 09, 2012

Sparta the Lilac, Dutch Rabbit Sparta
Lilac, Dutch Rabbit
North Hollywood, California, USA
December 10, 2012

Oreo the Pygmy Goat Oreo
Pygmy Goat
Prince Edward Island, Canada
December 11, 2012

Mr. Pickle the Siberian Dwarf Hamster Mr. Pickle
Siberian Dwarf Hamster
Scotland, UK
December 12, 2012

Flora the Belgian Draft Horse Flora
Belgian Draft Horse
Ontario, Canada
December 13, 2012

Koko the Mongolian Gerbil Koko
Mongolian Gerbil
December 14, 2012

Asterix the Guinea Pig Asterix
Guinea Pig
Weisenheim, Germany
December 15, 2012

Hatchet the Corn Snake Hatchet
Corn Snake
San Diego, California, USA
December 16, 2012

Rizzo the Ferret Rizzo
Bonney Lake, Washington, USA
December 17, 2012

Timo the Moroccan Tortoise Timo
Moroccan Tortoise
Großniedesheim, Germany
December 18, 2012

Ringel the Dwarf mix rabbit Ringel
Dwarf mix rabbit
Frankenthal, Germany
December 19, 2012

Tiberius the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Tiberius
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
El Paso, Texas, USA
December 20, 2012

Dobbin the Quarter Horse Dobbin
Quarter Horse
Florida, USA
December 21, 2012

Nimbus, Pipsqweek the Lionhead rabbit Nimbus, Pipsqweek
Lionhead rabbit
Portsmouth, UK
December 22, 2012

Nellie the Angora mix ferret Nellie
Angora mix ferret
Coslada, Madrid, Spain
December 23, 2012

Figaro the English Angora Rabbit Figaro
English Angora Rabbit
British Columbia, Canada
December 24, 2012

Ginger the Crested Gecko Ginger
Crested Gecko
Ontario, Canada, USA
December 25, 2012

Fredi the Ferret Fredi
Sofia, Bulgaria
December 26, 2012

Taylor the American Crested Guinea Pig Taylor
American Crested Guinea Pig
Westchester, Illinois, USA
December 27, 2012

Prim the Hamster Prim
Bruton, UK
December 28, 2012

Leo the Indian Ringneck Parakeet Leo
Indian Ringneck Parakeet
December 29, 2012

Missy the Arabian Horse Missy
Arabian Horse
Haysville, Indiana, USA
December 30, 2012

Calcifer the Standard ferret Calcifer
Standard ferret
Nykoebing Falster, Denmark
December 31, 2012

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