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August 30, 2012

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Wiara, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wiara
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Horse
Home: Washington, USA
   This is Wiara, and she is a Pony-sized horse I know. She's very pretty, and makes a good model, don't you think? Her coloring is called "flea-bitten white" and it kind of looks like she's a white horse who rolled in some dust, or got spattered with mud, but that's just how she is!

    She's at the local barn, Horse Haven, and her rider of choice is a girl named Loulou. Wiara doesn't like many others riding her, and is one of the more difficult horses for anyone else to handle. She makes her preferences quite clear. Her neck has a injury that means her head sometimes will bobble, but LouLou knows this, and does not let it bother her. The rest of us just love Wiara while standing on our own two feet, and that makes her happiest.

Wiara, the Pet of the Day

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