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August 28, 2012

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Drake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Drake
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lineolate Parakeet
Home: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
   This is Drake, he is a Cobalt Lineolate Parakeet that is about to celebrate his second birthday. Drake may be smaller than a tennis ball but his has big attitude to make up for it. He and his cage mate Jade (a Green Lineolated) are always ready to greet me with a very enthusiastic "Hiiiii!!" (that's Linnie speak for 'hi'). He also laughs, beeps, whistles a few tunes, and growls. Drake and Jade have one enemy in common: my cell phone. Don't know why but they hate it with a passion and will attack it any time they are given a chance! Gotta love him, he's such a character!

    Drake is a fun little bird. He and his mate Jade eat seeds, fruits, veggies, and whatever happens to be on my dinner plate (at times even chicken). They are very easy to care for and easy get attached to all the people in the house. Their favorite thing to do is eat - they eat a lot. They also like to 'contact call,' so if you're in another room in the house and you whistle you'll get a cacophony in squawks. Usually they make a very pleasant noise that a lot of people equate to a giggle.

    Mine are fully flighted, but the only flying they do is from their cage to either my or my husband's shoulder. Once there, they are happy to steal your food or play with your hair. Linnies are the best birds! If you get a Linnie you really should have two, they are extremely social and just because you have another bird they won't ignore you. The bigger the flock the better in the Linnie world so they are more than happy to love anyone in the house that loves them. They are very tiny and when they get pinfeathers they really need another bird pal to take care of that.

Drake, the Pet of the Day
Drake, the Pet of the Day

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