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August 27, 2012

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Cremepuff, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cremepuff
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Home: Texas, USA
   My Cremepuff just lights up my life!! Cremepuff's favorite hobby is eating, and her two most favorite foods in the world are Timothy Hay and Carrots! She is a bit touchy and sassy, but she is one of the most special and loving animals in the universe! She shows affection by purring, like all guinea pigs, but she does it a whole lot She also adores it when Mama sings her lullabies.

    Cremepuff is more of an independent and cautious Guinea Pig. I see her jump and do a complete 360° all the time if another one of my guinea pigs gets too close to her or touches her in a way she doesn't approve of during play time. Eating is her most favorite hobby of all and as far as that goes, Cremepuff is always trying to claim all of the food! She really enjoys eating out of my hand whereas my other piggies just love to snatch whatever it is and run with it. With each carrot in the cage, she likes to make her mark by biting into every single one even if she has not finished the first one that she bit into. It's quite funny. She gets extremely excited about Timothy Hay, as well, but unlike Mocha, my other Guinea Pig that shares a cage with her, she prefers to not have any of the hay on top of her. Mocha pretty much demands I put it all over him, lol.

    Cremepuff gets very excited during playtime and shows this by 'popcorning' everywhere. 'Popcorning' is a term used to describe the way that Guinea Pigs jump around whenever they are extremely happy and content. She loves going in and out of her tube, chewing on it, and peeks through it as she lays down for a nap. She enjoys cuddling with Mama once she has spent all of her energy running around and I love these times. She absolutely adores it when I sing her lullabies and she always scoots a little closer to me every time I am singing to her and she just stares at me. It melts my heart!

Cremepuff, the Pet of the Day

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