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August 24, 2012

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Feldmarsza ek Duda, the Pet of the Day
Name: Feldmarsza ek Duda
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rose-breasted Cockatoo
Home: Warsaw, Poland
   I wanted to introduce my pretty cockatoo. Feldmarsza ek Duda (or in English "Field-Marshall Duda") is a very special pet for me. He is my first parrot. He is a Galah, or Rose-breasted Cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapilla). Also he is very smart, even if he is still almost a baby. When he's an adult, he will be much more beautiful and more pink. He can't talk yet, but we will try to teach him!

    He arrived a little while ago, but I think he started to like me from the first sight - he already sits on my arm, while he ignores my mother completely. When I leave the room, he immediately calls me to be back. Duda loves to eat sunflower seeds from my hand and chew on my hands, hair and clothes.

    His name comes from a parrot from "The Witcher" series. The parrot was owned by a dwarf and was very friendly to him. The parrot was very funny, because he swore all the time with his funny voice (I hope my cockatoo won't learn to swear so much!.

    These cockatoos are very rare and expensive in Poland. Also they aren't so easy to care for, especially for beginners (I can say I'm a beginner, but only with parrots, while having a lot of other exotic animals). I know it will be a lot of work, but I'm happy he is with us!

   Every day we discover new things with Duda. He (it's a boy) loves to be scratched by me and, what is the most amazing thing, he is already trying to talk! For now he tries to say "Duda", "chodź (in English it's "come")" and is imitating chucking that I do!

    He loves to watch me taking a shower and sometimes he also shows that he wants to take a shower! Then I let him go under the gentle stream of warm water from the shower. Also he loves to eat his special food, but he only eats fruits when I eat them. And he likes natural pumpkin mousse with milk and honey. As he is a very intelligent pet, he can show that he is in a good mood, or not. Though I can't call him an aggressive bird (everyone has their bad days, right?). But he is very friendly and always, when is out of his cage, follows me and loves to sit on my head, ouch! He can also show that he prefers me to wear blouse with long sleeves, he doesn't like when he has to sit on my naked arm (he shows his crest and is screaming, pointing on my naked arm!)... and I don't like it too because of the claws!

    He also doesn't like my father (as well as me, haha!). But he likes my mother, though not as much, as me. First he was afraid of our dogs (Pomeranian and Albino Pekingese x Pug mix) but now he doesn't show any fear when they are around! But he really doesn't like rodents, like mice and hamsters, and is very afraid of my snakes.

    He isn't very noisy, but when he wants me to come or something is wrong, he can really scream almost making the glasses break! He doesn't know any tricks yet. But loves to tear all paper things he finds! So we must be very careful.

Feldmarsza ek Duda, the Pet of the Day
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Feldmarsza ek Duda, the Pet of the Day
Feldmarsza ek Duda, the Pet of the Day

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