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August 13, 2012

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Scooter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Scooter
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinese Water Dragon
Home: Euless, Texas, USA
   Hi! My name is Scooter and I am a Chinese Water Dragon. I am less than a year old! My Mom and Dad got me about three weeks ago and have just fallen in love with me!! At first my Mom was scared to death because she has never been around Water Dragons before- much less lived with one. It only took her a little while to get used to me and now she carries me around on her shoulder!

    I love to eat crickets and meal worms! I have already grown in the three weeks I have been in my new home. I have a great personality and will run around my cage when Mom and Dad walk by! I love getting out of my cage and hang out with the family-and boy do we have a big critter family (two dogs, two cats, four parakeets, nine fish tanks- big & little, and two hamsters)!

    I'm really glad to be Pet of the Day! My mom almost forgot to tell ya'll that!

Scooter, the Pet of the Day
Scooter, the Pet of the Day

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