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August 12, 2012

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Shirley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Shirley
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Llama
Home: Barrie, Ontario, Canada
   Shirley is a beautiful girl, and had been abused before we got her from the SPCA. At my home she is a princess, and has a friend named Korky, also a llama.

    Shirley is very gentle and very shy. We never lock her up and only put her on a leash for her medical necessities. There is always a barn door open for her to come and go as she wishes. As her adoption was irregular we have no information on her age, so we can estimate her age only. We guess about fifteen years. We have had her for seven years.

    Shirley's shyness melts in the presence of oats, or even the sight of her oat bowl. She is gentle and does like people. Several people have stopped and asked to visit with the llamas, and this includes disabled people that have been brought here. People love the llamas' huge eyes, and how gentle they are when eating from the palms of peoples' hands. There is no concern with having Shirley and Korky meet people, as they are very careful with people. We do not make Shirley get petted unless she willingly accepts the touches.

    When the llamas want to play, I will start to run and the llamas delight in showing off their speed. And despite their reputation, the only spitting that happens is when the llamas disagree with each other.

    Shirley quietly follows us around the field and watches what people are doing. She also loves to be sitting quietly in her barn. Shirley seems to love birds. She watches birds and there are often small birds by her feet, and the birds do not fear her.

    Their favorite treat is oats and the wild Birdsfoot Trefoil that grows around the yard. The llamas love to roll in the hay and have made sand pits in my yard to roll in. I love to wake and see the llamas in the yard, such life. Even late at night if I go outdoors the llamas will be in the yard grazing.

Shirley, the Pet of the Day
Shirley, the Pet of the Day

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