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August 11, 2012

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Gibby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gibby
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
   My pet's name is Gibby. I'm not exactly sure how old he is, I think about two or three years old. All I know is that he's a guinea pig boy! His type is probably Abyssinian, or a mix because of his long hair with cowlicks that give him a constant "bad hair day" - but that's always how it is! He is not an albino, or he'd have pink eyes, he's just all white!

    He likes to sing along when I put music on, it's so cute! And he is kind of smart - he knows when he's being bad because if I take him out side and put him in a certain spot, if he walks away I'll just say his name and he'll run back. He's very obedient, and a really good guinea pig. He is my friend!

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