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August 3, 2012

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Draka, the Pet of the Day
Name: Draka
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Yemen chameleon
Home: Sofia, Bulgaria
   Draka is a female Yemen chameleon. She is a special pet, because she is a very interesting creature. As everybody knows, chameleons can change their colors. Also she is very small and cute. Draka brings me very different and unusual feelings than other pets. And it's very interesting to have creature like this in your home and taking care of it.

    She is with a bit wild in character. Generally chameleons are a bit independent type. She has started to recognize me and to be less scared than before, but she still sometimes tries to escape from me. When she is trying to scare me, Draka becomes with more intense colors. This is to show me that she can be dangerous. But it's interesting when she is taking food from my hand with her long tongue. It's a really interesting process to watching how she is eating.

    Most people are thinking that chameleons can become whatever color is around them, but it's not exactly in this way. They can't become purple, pink, etc. They change their color and intensity of their color to express different moods such as anger, lower or higher temperature, reproducing mood, pregnancy etc. She is around ten centimeters long without counting her tail. She is a kinda slow animal. Draka is more static than one to be moving around. Sometimes she stays with her head down and is interesting that she uses her tail to grip somewhere. Draka eats crickets, worms, some kind of fruits and that's all. It's not easy to care for her, but also it's not so difficult. I love her.

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