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August 2, 2012

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Léa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Léa
Age: Fourteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cape Parrot
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Léa is a young female Cape parrot (Grey headed parrot, Poicephalus fuscicollis suahelicus). She has been DNA'd as a baby, as all young Capes look the same. However, after their first big molt, males will lose the coral-colored cap on their head. Although people in aviculture here do use the term "Cape parrot" (or sometimes UnCape parrot), she's not a true Cape parrot; I doubt any are available as pets in North America. You will generally either find Brown necked parrots or Grey headed parrots (Léa is the latter). The true Cape parrots are currently endangered in the wild. You can see the distribution areas of the three types of Capes (the "true", brown necked and grey headed (Léa is the latter)).

    Léa is special to me as she's been my ultimate "dream parrot". I have an affinity for Poicephalus parrots (in fact, in my flock of seven, six are Pois). Capes are pretty hard to come by in Canada and I had to wait a few years before I was finally able to add one to my flock.

    She is still very much a baby and hasn't entirely shed her clumsy ways. She is quite active and loves to either fly around the house or hop from place to place. She loves wooden toys and goes through them at a reasonably fast pace - and as she gets older, she seems to be developing a "taste" for harder woods that pose a challenge.

    She also has her cuddle moments where all she wants is to get as close as she can to me and have her head scratched. It really is hard to resist her when she's that sweet and gentle!

    Although "talking" is not in any way a requirement I had when bringing any of my parrots home, Léa has started to show signs of wanting to use human words. Her vocabulary has been growing over the past few months and she has used words in context, which was all the more impressive.

    She's been a hoot to have around and hopefully we'll be able to share many more years together.

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