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August 1, 2012

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Diego, the Pet of the Day
Name: Diego
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy mouse
Home: Alberta, Canada
   This is Diego the Fancy longhaired satin gold mouse. I bred him myself and he's hand-raised, so he is as tame as can be! His dad is an albino longhair and his mum is gold and white with dark eyes. He takes more after his papa for personality, his mum Sunshine tends to be more hyper.

    Diego is more affectionate than independent. I can pick him up without him running away, and he not only puts up with kisses, he kisses back. I haven't taught him any tricks other than he'll take treats from my hand. He adores pumpkin seeds and banana chips most of all. He's a very sweet boy, most male mice beat up on each other; not him. He lives with a sick brother, and wouldn't hurt a fly. He's the one to get beat up if anything. He is a very gentle boy, and very special to all of us.

Diego, the Pet of the Day
Diego, the Pet of the Day

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