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April 30, 2012

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Ron, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ron
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red Fox
Home: Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA
   Meet Ron, our Red Fox. Ron's full name is Ron 'Weasley' Mason. His middle name derived from the red-headed Harry Potter character, Ron Weasley, because his first name is Ron. We also call him RonRon. We do have a permit to have him, though whether or not you need a permit definitely depends on your state or county. I wouldn't say you need any special training to have a fox as a pet, but you definitely need some experience with more exotic animals, as foxes are extremely advanced pets to have. It takes careful consideration for deciding whether or not to add one to your household.

    Ron is a wonderful family member, constantly there and full of energy as a fox should be. He came to us when he was about six weeks old. We got him from an exotic animal breeder in Oklahoma after careful consideration. Owning a fox is not easy work, as they need lots of space to make them feel in their natural habitat and can be hard to have around home for some people. Ron is a smart little guy, but he was still lots of work. He has a huge playpen in the backyard, which he enjoys running around and enjoying his treats in. He also has a bed for inside bought from Petco, which he enjoys snuggling up in when it's raining or when he just wants to be inside. He's a clown, always trying to see what we're doing and trying to steal food from the tables at every chance!

    Despite any trouble, Ron is still a great friend. He will cuddle with me sometimes on the couch or on the floor, sometimes even climbing aboard my head. He also loves a good chin scratch, or a scratch behind the ears. We take him for daily walks around the paths, and he always loves running ahead, sniffing things and rolling around in the mud, getting himself filthy in the process! He's just full of character. He loves the snow too, rolling around in it and getting it all over his snout. He chases his tail sometimes, pounces around and runs laps around his pen daily. On Easter this year, he got a very special treat, some Easter Peeps. He enjoyed jumping up, ripping them off the stick and proceeding to eat them afterwards! To think, when he was just a wee little kit all it took was a $1 bag of cat toys from Dollar Tree to occupy him!

    He eats many things now! But there is one certain recipe he likes that we whip up for him often. We just call it his "Maintenance Diet" considering it does him well and he loves it. I don't think I should list everything (there's quite a bit) but it consists of things like raw Ground Chuck, cooked rolled oats, chopped hardboiled eggs, cooked boneless pink salmon and cooked green beans (though he sometimes eats around those).

    He'll really play with anything! He likes playing with your general dog toys (balls, Frisbee, stuffed animals) and enjoys ripping most stuffed toys to shreds. He also has a liking for things that make noise, like little jingle balls. He even likes coming outside with a soccer ball and rolling it around.

    When Ron was a little baby, he was a nibbler. He tried nibbling on my fingers all the time, not full-blown biting down on my finger, just little nibbles. We never got him fully out of that habit, as he is a fox and they are natural biters of course. He is still a little bit of a finger nibbler! He was always very photogenic, so whenever I take out the camera he gives a little canine smile, an i'm-so-cool look, or a natural fox pose like a mid-roll or a hind leg stand. He always puts a smile on my face with his silly antics.

    So though foxes are quite a challenge, RonRon made my life complete, and I couldn't have asked for a better little dude for the family.

Ron, the Pet of the Day
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Ron, the Pet of the Day
Ron, the Pet of the Day
Ron, the Pet of the Day
Ron, the Pet of the Day

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