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April 29, 2012

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Dixie Jane, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dixie Jane
Age: Unknown, Deceased
Gender: Female
Kind: Draft Horse
Home: New York, USA
   Meet Dixie. We don't know her age and guess her to be between 20 and 25. She was a workhorse crossed with something else. We got Dixie from a man who has a store near where we used to live in New York State. He sold a lot of horse stuff and my dad and sister went to get feed for the horse we had. They were talking and the man said he has a horse he wanted to give away. My dad knew our horse was lonely and we wanted another one, so he said he would take her.

    Dixie came to us on June 28, 2007. She was a skinny and at the time, kinda ugly red roan mare with a flaxen mane/tail. Her mane was cropped short. She had fallen when she was younger and injured her front left knee and her knee was a large stiff lump. She only walked, and we rode the horses a short ways about once a week. They spent the rest of their time in a two-acre pasture with two heifers (young cows) and a nanny goat. Once a day my sister and I walked down the hill to the pasture with either a wheelbarrow or sled (over winter) with a bale of hay and two dishes of oats. We spent an hour each day with them, brushing them until they shone. Dixie filled out much more and her mane grew long and beautiful.

    Sadly, in March of 2008 our family moved to Indiana and had to re-home the horses. Nobody wanted our gelding, so we had no choice but to take him to auction. Days before the auction, some friends of our called and said they would take Dixie. Their eight-year-old daughter loved Dixie for two years until she became to weak to stand on her own and had to be put down. I found out the day after it happened and cried. We loved Dixie and got to visit her several times after our move. We still love you, Dixie, and will never forget you. We hope you were happy the last few years of your life with us, and with the little girl.

Dixie Jane, the Pet of the Day
Dixie Jane, the Pet of the Day

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