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April 25, 2012

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Kamilla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kamilla
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chicken
Home: Germany
   My pets are four chickens and they are three years old. Kamilla is white, Nelli is grey, Alice and Felicia are black. They live in the chicken house at night. During the day, they live in a very big barn and yard. Every morning, one of them lays an egg in their box. I like about my pets that they eat almost everything and that they are very soft. If they are hungry they are very loud and then they make "gack gack" . Also, they play tricks on you. Always, when the door is open they think that they have to go outside in the garden to eat all the plants and the flowers. Sometimes they eat worm, too.

    The chicken I have chosen to present to you is Kamilla. She looks very nice with her white feathers and brown and black spotted coloring. For me she is different from the other chickens because she is totally tame and you can hold her like a dog or cat. Sometimes she makes a trip to our balcony and wants to come in the house. Then she likes to eat the cat's food.

    If my sisters or my dad celebrate their birthday and their guests sit on the balcony, I get Kamilla, so that the guests can caress her. Then they are surprised how nice she is and sometimes she gets something to eat. Some of the guests even haven't petted a chicken before. But when I want to feed them, then she is like my other chicken and wants to be always the first chicken being fed. She is a special chicken.

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