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April 24, 2012

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Bambi, Bumble, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bambi, Bumble
Age: Two weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Nubian mix Goat
Home: Washington, Indiana, USA
   Hi! I'm Bambi and this is my little brother Bumble! We were born on April 9 so we are almost two weeks old. Our mommy is Misty. We were identical twins when we were born, but now Bumble is bigger than me, but the truth is, I think he is a food hog! We are so adorable and we get away with anything. Our favorite thing to do is climb on anything available. Besides that we like to sleep under vehicles and nibble whatever mommy has. Today we got to play in the mudroom climbing on plastic boxes until we got sleepy and fell asleep on one. When one of us goes anywhere the other is not far behind. We worry our mommy because we arent very concerned about staying close to her. Well, it's time to run! See you all later!

    Bambi is definetly the first to try new things. He was the first to try climbing on his mom's back while she is standing ... he still hasn't succeded. Bumble is slightly more cautious and slightly less tame. Neither of them enjoy having their head touched, and they seem to only tolerate having their backs scratched. Both of them enjoy having us lie down and let them bounce on our backs. They have started tasting new things - one of them ate part of a plant from the flowerbed today! If they keep that up and they are going to lose their freedom to wander the farm! They spend a lot of time following our dogs around. It is a lot of fun watching them grow and learn about everything!

Bambi, Bumble, the Pet of the Day
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Bambi, Bumble, the Pet of the Day
Bambi, Bumble, the Pet of the Day
Bambi, Bumble, the Pet of the Day
Bambi, Bumble, the Pet of the Day

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